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Halfway through...

August 5, 2013
August finds us about half way through the hot, hot, hot months of summer in Coachella Valley!  Thankfully we performed the majority of our roof maintenances in the months of May and June.  Scheduling and performing roof maintenance is a bit of a dance between the weather, the clients, and our staff.  We try to wait till the end of spring / beginning of summer as most of our seasonal clients have departed and we want to beat the scorching heat of mid summer.  Thankfully the weather was fairly cooperative during May and June and the temps were tolerable for cleaning and inspecting roofs.  The extreme fluctuations in temperature and humidity, as well as high winds that we have in the Coachella Valley make it paramount that roofs be cleaned of debris and inspected each year.  Annual roof maintenance is a vital part of keeping the integrity of the roofing system up to par and preventing potential problems as well as minimizing repair costs.  We send kudos to our clients who participate with regular, yearly roof maintenance.

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