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Fairly Full of Festivals and Fun!

February 13, 2014

It seems every burg in the Coachella Valley is sporting some sort of Crafts and Art Festival or crafting some sort of Sports Festival.   I, for one, just love em all!  Check on line and I am sure you will find an art and or sport event nearby.  #1 Ranked La Quinta Arts Festival is coming up March 6 through March 9.  A person of limited means, such as Shawnee, is able to enjoy oneself immensely with just the cost of entry into the venue.  With so many different mediums to view, it can be a bit of a sensory overload.  Luckily, most artists participating in festivals are also very interesting conversationalists…and not just limited to their craft.  One severely overlooked artistic event is at the often maligned National Date Festival aka Riverside County Fair.  February 14 through February 23.  This event is becoming over run with rides and food carts and all the usual Fair schtick.  Don’t let the schmaltz keep you from going and appreciating the creative endeavors of young and old and even the in between.  There is a lot of incredible, regional talent to admire inside the various exhibition buildings.  I suggest a sampling of it all.  We still have young people exhibiting some of the most amazing creative things in the Jr. Exhibits Building.  Check out what these nubile minds come up with using recycled trash.  Queen’s Gallery features an impressive variety of fine arts and photography by Riverside residents…AND GUESS WHAT?  Many of the entries on display in the Queen’s Gallery are also FOR SALE!  Give it a whirl…and I don’t mean on the Tilt-o-Whirl!!  Shawnee will be tending the exhibits in the Queen's Gallery February 16 between 10am and come on in and say Howdy!

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