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Before taking the Solar Panel Leap . . .

July 30, 2014

It is amazing to see the proliferation of solar panel companies in Coachella Valley.  Not unexpected but definitely amazing.  Before you all jump on the all too alluring solar panel wagon, consider several things that should be done prior to hitching on those panels.  After all, the benefits of using solar energy fails to be truly realized if you are using it to run horribly, inefficient and outdated appliances & equipment.


 Update & upgrade all your high energy consuming appliances and equipment.  HVAC equipment, pool equipment, and refrigerators are some of the items that should be reviewed with respect to replacing with high efficiency, up-to-date units.

It is also extremely energy conscientious and advantageous to review your lighting.  LED lighting has made tremendous advances with regard to quality, intensity, and availability.  It is still pricey but the savings are unmatched.  Now that you can duplicate the ambiance of the good ol’ incandescent bulb with LED (and compact fluorescent) bulbs, changing all lighting to these bulbs almost becomes a necessity.  This is especially true when considering solar panels.  Not only are LED bulbs incredibly efficient – they do not produce the heat that their incandescent predecessors did.  Just remember that 95% of the energy used in an incandescent bulb IS GIVEN OFF AS HEAT!


Of course there are other items to take into consideration.  A reputable solar panel company will discuss all of these as well as other items during the process of converting a home to solar.  Take heed, as many of these upgrading recommendations are well worth doing if you plan to maximize the savings and benefits of solar energy.

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