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85 degrees Farenheit on Christmas! Surely you jest!

December 26, 2013

It seems like yesterday that our crew was out buying client Christmas trees and putting up client Christmas lights and décor but that began well over a month ago.  December is soaring by with January 2014 on its tail.  And speaking of soaring, the temperatures in Coachella Valley were definitely on the rise for Christmas Day.  85 degrees Fahrenheit.  All the folks who winter here must have jumping for joy in their shorts and bathing suits while most of the year ‘round residents were trying to figure out if they should put their “winter clothes” away or wait for another nippy dip in temps.  Good grief we just brought the cold weather coats out!  I myself am guilty for looking for any day below 70 degrees so I can wear that long sleeved wool shirt or cozy coat or the fun winter hats I have collected for years.  Our window in the Coachella Valley Cities to wear these things is narrow and we “year rounders” must capitalize on the opportunities to sport our winter garb!  But even I felt the fool wearing my earflap Santa hat and a very “hot-headed” fool at that!  

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