Property Maintenance Manager

At G.O. Langlois, the role of our Property Maintenance Manager is all encompassing and offers homeowners the assurance that their household is being tended to by a twenty-year industry veteran who takes pride and ownership in every task he performs.

Maintenance Manager Role

  • Walk-through with client to customize desired property maintenance schedules
  • Oversee and implement weekly, monthly, annual, and seasonal tasks
  • Monitor security equipment and work with community security team as directed by homeowner
  • Notify homeowners of pertinent issues, resulting repairs, and actions in need of approval
  • Perform essential inspections to keep all household equipment and appliances running efficiently to avoid expensive, damaging, or dangerous situations
  • Conduct general household repairs and replacements as needed
  • Manage aspects pertaining to your home’s interior, exterior and garage
  • Schedule routine service calls with coordinating providers
  • Contract and oversee specialists when additional expertise is needed
  • Ensure that your landscape maintenance is being implemented to the highest standard
  • Prepare household for client occupancy
  • Make provisions to accommodate a prolonged vacant household
  • Coordinate Concierge Services
  • Work closely with all team members to execute appropriate, efficient, and timely actions

Protect, Prevent, Preserve, Maintain, & Secure

It is our Mission to…

PROTECT your home by implementing customized maintenance schedules suited to your custom home

PREVENT issues that may arise from oversights due to extended absences in the home

PRESERVE the value of your home by keeping your interior and exterior up to code

MAINTAIN your home’s integrity so that upon your arrival home, the transition is seamless

SECURE your home by taking precautions, monitoring equipment, and working with onsite security