General Property Maintenance and Inspections

G.O. Langlois Property Maintenance customizes client maintenance schedules to suit the needs and desires of custom homeowners in the gated communities of Palm Desert, Indian Wells, and Rancho Mirage.

Our clients enjoy a host of services designed to ensure the well being of their homes, equipment and belongings when they are not in residence. Clients are free to choose as few or as many offerings to meet their household management needs.

During an initial walk-through, our Maintenance Manager will help you determine what services would be best implemented weekly, monthly, annually or seasonally.

Selection of Services Langlois Offers


  • All kitchen equipment
  • All water heaters, open tank drain valve to bleed off debris at tank bottom
  • Appropriate inspections, cleaning and maintenance of Guest and Pool Houses
  • Bar and game room equipment
  • BBQ and pizza oven
  • Check door locks and windows
  • Cooling towers and compressors
  • Drive gate operation
  • Elevator equipment
  • Equipment enclosure and garage
  • Fountains, water features, and outdoor showers
  • Gas, electric, and water meters
  • Generator, CO₂ alarm, and log in
  • Golf carts, batteries, and tires
  • HVAC units and appliances
  • Insta-hot, all sinks, and water purification filters
  • Landscape maintenance
  • Outdoor railings
  • Pool and spa equipment for proper maintenance and operation of pumps, filters, lights
  • Pool bar equipment
  • Submersible sump pumps, sewer backflow, check valve
  • Touch screens
  • Visual inspection of all rooms
  • Walk grounds to discern visible or concealed problems
  • Wine room appliances and temperature control


  • Exterior hose bibs
  • Flush toilets, run water in sinks, showers, tubs and check traps
  • Oversee proper pool maintenance
  • Replace interior and exterior light bulbs as needed
  • Run air conditioning
  • Run CO₂ exhaust fan
  • Run dishwasher and washing machine through one cycle
  • Run generator
  • Run spa jets and air pumps
  • Set, regulate, and maintain thermostats


  • BBQ grill, pizza oven, outdoor kitchen
  • Chandeliers, sconces, exterior lighting
  • Check balconies and railings, especially after strong, dusty winds
  • Clean pool and spa equipment
  • Clear debris from flat roof areas, clean gutters and drains
  • Dust umbrellas, patio furniture and mailboxes, cleaning off bird droppings
  • Equipment enclosure and garage
  • Garage and floor sinks
  • Moss removal
  • Power washing of house, driveway and patio
  • Professional detailing of vehicles and golf carts
  • Storage and mechanical rooms, sanitize condensate lines
  • Web removal, including home exterior and under furniture
  • Window cleaning, sills, screens, and blinds


  • Contract and oversee service personnel for specialty services
  • Work with onsite Security Team
  • Work with your House Manager to implement tasks

Annual Maintenance

  • AV systems test
  • Check and tighten cabinet hinges
  • Clean and oil teak gates
  • Clean and reinstall ceiling fan blades
  • Clean and wax trellis
  • Clean exhaust fans on roof
  • Clean icemakers and refrigerators,  vacuum coils, replace filters
  • Clean marble tops in master bathroom
  • Clean sconces
  • Fire sprinkler system test
  • Interior and Exterior Light inspection
  • Open flues and light fireplaces
  • Paint touch up
  • Roof maintenance and Debris removal
  • Security System test
  • Service Boiler
  • Service Cooling tower
  • Service Drywell and ejector pumps
  • Service Electrical panels
  • Service Elevator
  • Service Garage doors
  • Service Gates
  • Service Generator
  • Service Wine room cooling system
  • Supervise fall plantings
  • Clean and wax wrought iron

Semi-Annual Maintenance

  • Clean crown molding and floor boards
  • Clean filters and coils on refrigerators and freezers
  • Clean vents
  • Schedule HVAC service

Quarterly Maintenance

  • Clean all AC filters
  • Clean all HVAC air cleaners
  • Clean tops of refrigerators and freezers
  • Inspect and clean dryer ducts

Summer Maintenance

  • Draw all curtains and blinds
  • Set hot water heaters to low in off-season
  • Set & Monitor Thermostats
  • Patio furniture refinishing
  • Patio furniture storage

Home Repair

  • Antique furniture repair
  • Cabinet work
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing / HVAC
  • Glass & Glazing
  • Roofing repairs & re-roofing
  • Granite, marble, tile
  • Interior & Exterior Painting

We are always happy to discuss any service you need implemented that you do not see listed here. Your complete satisfaction is our number one priority.