Concierge Home Maintenance Services

Our Concierge provides personalized support for those added services that fall outside of your maintenance regime. You can always count on G.O. Langlois Property Maintenance to go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure our clients’ ultimate satisfaction.

Airport Transportation Service in Palm Desert

Why rely on airport shuttle services when you can drive your own car to one of our local private airports and depart on your own timeline? G.O. Langlois Property Management ensures that your vehicle will return home safely and be parked securely in its designated location.  When you are flying in, we can have your vehicle ready and waiting for your drive home upon your request.

Vehicle Service and Repair

Whether you need routine inspections and service, minor or major repairs—G.O Langlois will arrange, drop-off, and pick-up your vehicles at the auto service location of your choice.

In your absence, we will start and drive vehicles weekly to preserve battery life and detect any overt issues. Upon your arrival home, we will gas up, check and fill tire air pressure, and inspect headlights, taillights and blinkers.

We contract licensed and bonded auto detailers, experienced in working with luxury, classic and rare automobiles to detail your vehicles. We will also start up, drive, inspect, service, and detail your golf carts.  

Pre-Arrival Grocery Shopping

You provide us with a list, and we’re happy to pick up the items and brand names you’ll need to make your transition home as seamless as possible. From just the essentials to the makings of a welcome home gourmet dinner—G.O. Langlois will shop at your favorite stores to stock you up with your favorite products.

Mail Services

We will start and stop mail service as necessary, pick-up mail, forward mail, and accept deliveries at your request.

Newspaper Service

Allow us to resume newspaper service and stop service whenever you are arriving or departing, so that your paper is always on your door step when you need it, and never piling up when you are not home.

Temperature Control

We maintain thermostat modes according to your wishes and the recommendations of your HVAC purveyor to accommodate all kinds of weather conditions and ensure a favorable home environment in your absence, and in preparation of your occupancy.

With advance notice, we will also set pool heater thermostats to your desired temperature. During the colder months, we ask that you give us at least 72 hours notice to bring the temperature up to the optimal degree in plenty of time for your arrival.